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'Ceremonies are celebrations that stand outside of time’s normal flow. They are occasions for stepping out of our routines and preoccupations so we may touch something essential in life. We seek ceremony when we feel that something powerful and profound is happening'.
David Oldfield - The Journey
your ceremony

No two ceremonies are the same, and each should be designed to be as individual as you are. Your ceremony should reflect your individual personalities and your shared values, history and dreams.


Should you choose to engage  me as your celebrant I will work with you to plan a ceremony that is memorable, meaningful and unique.


Some ceremony components are legally required, and it is my job to ensure those legal requirements are met.


To give you a sense of how your ceremony might be structured, this link provides an outline of the various ceremony components you may wish to consider including.


This is purely provided as a guide. The options are actually limitless, and provided all legal requirements are met, you can be as creative as you want.


No matter how we feel following the loss of someone we love, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate their life in a way that not only brings comfort to the people who love them, but is also true to the person themselves—recognising and celebrating the life they led, the contributions they made and the qualities that made them so special.


Unlike weddings, funerals do not include any legally-required components, This link provides a simple guide to some of the usual parts of a funeral service.

other ceremonies and services

In addition to weddings and funerals, am also available to conduct commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows.

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